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22 Years of Service and a Lifetime of Thank You’s

“Thank you for your Service” are 5 words that mean a lot to a military service member. My husband served in the Marine Corps for 22 years and he has received plenty of thank you’s during his time in the military. But, the thank you’s that meant the most were the ones that started the day of his retirement ceremony and he officially became a Veteran.

The retirement ceremony was a military precise ceremony with a flag detail, Marine Corps Band, and military trucks. The ceremony was perfect and it was a great send of and thank you for his service. The Marine Corps also thanks the service of the family for everything we do to support his military career. Our kids received certificates of appreciation for supporting their father’s military service.

I cried when they handed the certificates to our kids because they have been super resilient through many deployments and nights apart.

Everyone that came to my husband’s retirement ceremony were there to thank him for his service and congratulate him for 22 years in the Marine Corps. After the retirement ceremony my husband settled into civilian life and is spending time with our kids. Now when people thank him for his service it means a lot more because he has 22 years to look back at and feel accomplished.

Thanking a military Veteran or service member is important and easy to do. I support #VerizonSalutes in thanking Veterans and service members by posting messages of thanks on social media by using the hashtag #VerizonSalutes and writing a message of gratitude.

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This post is in partnership with Verizon, but all of the opinions are my own.

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