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3 Party Ideas to Giveback for Cancer with Make-up

“This post is sponsored by the American Cancer Society; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Thyroid Cancer hit me like a ton of bricks three years ago and having to learn to live my new normal has been an everyday struggle. The biggest struggle has been the changes with my skin. I wanted to learn if others with Thyroid Cancer suffered through skin problems and that’s when I found the American Cancer Society (ACS), a non-profit dedicated to eliminating cancer. I am super passionate about skincare & make-up; I can’t live without my daily routine. I did not want to give up my passions because of my cancer and I did not have to thanks to ACS. With American Cancer Society’s Raise Your Way fundraising platform I can turn my passion for make-up into a fundraiser. Let me tell you three ways to have fun with make-up and fundraiser for cancer.

The first thing I did when I found out about my diagnosis was to Google everything about Thyroid Cancer and what I found was a lot of information that was hard to understand.  The first organization that I found with reliable information was ACS. The ACS website is so helpful and has so much accurate information. I support ACS because their mission is to save lives, celebrate them, lead the fight for a world without cancer through their research, education programs and services.

ACS is attacking cancer from every angle and have resources or programs offered near you! I called the Cancer Helpline at 800-227-2345 to find an ACS program near me. I was connected to a local women’s cancer support group and was told about a make-up workshop for cancer patients. The workshop helped women with their skin care and make-up while going through cancer treatment. I learned so much about my skin and was super grateful for the volunteers and make-up donated for the workshop.

The make-up workshop gave me a great idea to turn my passion into purpose. I held a make-up party to fundraise for ACS. You can raise money for the American Cancer Society while doing something you love.

●          Go to

●          Follow the prompts to “Start a Fundraiser”

●          Choose where you’d like your donations to go

●          Create a Crowdrise account with Facebook, or manually through form entry

●          Continue prompts to name your fundraiser and set a goal

●          Be sure to share your fundraiser on social

3 ways to fundraise for cancer with Make-up

1. Make-up Party

Turn your girls night into a make-up party. Start with skin care and do a make-up look that everyone will enjoy as a group. Friends and family will donate to attend through your fundraiser page.

2. Make-up Exchange Party

Gather all your friends that love skin care and make-up for a girls night. Have them gather all their unused skin care and make-up and bring together. Exchange products and try something new. Friends and family can pay a cover charge to attend to donate to the fundraiser.

3. Spa Party

Host a day at a spa and enjoy the company of your friends. Hosting a get together at a spa location is relaxing and no work must be done because everything is taken care of. Talk to a local spa about your fundraiser and get creative. Friends and family can donate to the fundraiser for services received at the spa.

There are so many ways to raise money for the American Cancer Society by helping you to turn your passion into a purpose by fundraising in your own way. #AttackingCancer #PassionToPurpose

What are you passionate about?

To learn more about American Cancer Society click here.

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