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  • Suzy

Burnout is Real

When your mental and physical health are taking a beating you have to take a step back, for real, and act on it not just talk about it. Reading all the articles about burnout and how moms have it bad right now was helping because I realized that it’s happening to everyone but it was time to actually do something about it and make things better for everyone around me. I’m still going to complain and repost because that’s therapeutic but I made a plan to feel better. I reduced my hours and responsibilities at work to heal and take care of my family. It was a super hard decision for me to make but I physically could not do it ALL anymore. The last time I stopped working was when I had my first child because my husband was deployed in the military and it was an easy decision to make because I was new in my career and my baby needed me. Making the decision to step back this time is harder because I have a lot of career experience and don’t want to fall behind but I am going to put my energy in things that make me happy. I am going to be present with my family. I am going to take photos and get out the house. I’m going to eat ice cream. I’m going to heal and take care of my health. 💖💖💖


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