• Suzy

Cancer is like a fingerprint… No one has the same one

I am in the beginning stages of my cancer journey and I have found out that everyone’s cancer journey is like a fingerprint, no one has the same one. When I received my thyroid cancer diagnosis I wanted to know everything there was to know about it, I thought that someone that has gone through what I am about to go through would have a handy roadmap for me. But the more I talked to people and read blogs about cancer journeys, I learned that everyone goes through their journey in very different ways. The cancer may have the same name and treatments but the diagnosis, feelings, symptoms, cures, etc. are all different even when it’s the same cancer.

I personally need to talk to people or read people’s journeys in order to go through my journey. I want to know what my friend went through when she was diagnosed with cancer. I want to know what she was thinking, how did it feel like, what she missed, what was the most difficult part, what helped, etc. I talked to a nurse that had a thyroidectomy and the same cancer like I did but her diagnosis, biopsy, surgery, treatment amounts, treatment days were all different.

I learn a lot about people’s cancer journeys and it helps me go through my journey.  I know now that I will have my own, just like everyone has their own fingerprints and that it will be different. It helps me to know what other people go through because it lets me know that I am not alone.

I hope that when people read about my journey that they learn something new and that it helps them go through any journey.

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