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Canela con Marinela Canelitas y Más

This post is sponsored but all views are my own.

Familia means everything to me and sharing my Latino traditions with my kids is super important. I love to celebrate my Hispanic heritage everyday, not just during Hispanic Heritage month. I celebrate my Latino culture, history, and contributions with stories, traditions, and most importantly with food. Food is super important in my family and a lot of our family traditions involve good food. I learned a lot of my Hispanic traditions through my parents.

One of my family traditions that I am passing down to my children is drinking coffee and eating Marinela cookies on Sunday mornings. Growing up, I would wake up early on Sundays so I could spend time with my parents while they were drinking coffee and eating Marinela cookies. My mom would make canela with sweet cream (a cinnamon tea) for me and tell me that it was coffee. My dad would read the Sunday paper and I would read the comics while drinking our hot drinks with our sweet cookies. My favorite Marinela sweet cookies to eat while I was drinking my canela is the Marinela Barritas Fresas (strawberry). The Marinela Barritas are my favorite because they are filled with fruit and are soft.

My parents continued the tradition with my children when we would go over their house and they loved it because of all the quality time spent with grandpa & grandma. I have continued the canela and Marinela cookies tradition at our home. My kids ask me to make grandma's canela and to have Marinela cookies. My kids do have their own favorite Marinela cookie which is Canelitas. They love the Canelitas because the flavors go great with their canela drink. My husband’s favorite are the Polvorones and I still love the Barritas de Fresa. I can’t wait to start this tradition with my future grandchildren.

I shop for all our families’ favorite Marinela cookies at Walmart because I know they always have what I need. Visit to shop for your favorites.

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