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Create What You Crave at Souplantation

Cooking dinner for the family can sometimes give me a big headache because everyone wants something different. Just cooking a simple dish like pasta can turn into a nightmare because my daughter wants plain pasta, my son only wants red sauce and my husband wants meat-sauce with mushrooms. It can get complicated.

“This is a sponsored post by Souplantation. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.”

That’s why once a week we have dinner at Souplantation because everyone in my family can create what they crave and I don’t have to cook, everyone is happy. I know that eating at Souplantation the kids will have a long list of fresh healthy options to choose from and even try new things. Last visit my daughter tried clam chowder soup and loved it.

I enjoy the warm muffins and love how everything is clearly labeled with the calorie count.

I crave baked potatoes and I love creating the ultimate baked potato with all the toppings. The kids and I have a contest on who can create the best baked potato of the night. We have my husband be the judge and pick the best one.

As a mother having to go to Souplantation and have the family create what they crave while having a great dinner makes me feel super happy. It’s the little things that turn into the big things in life.

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