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Disneyland Flag Ceremony

We love Disneyland and try to go at least three times a year, thanks to the Disneyland Military Promotional 3-Day Park Hopper Tickets. Last year we went in October and Disneyland was decorated for Halloween Time. I  heard about the Disneyland flag ceremony that happens every day at around 4:45PM but had never made it a point to witness it. I told my husband that we needed to be by the Main Street flag pole at 4:45PM. I wanted to surprise him with the ceremony because he never heard about it. We were sitting on a bench right at 4:30PM because Marines are always 15 minutes early to everything.  We were waiting to see for ourselves what the big deal was. We thought that they probably have a couple of Disney Casts Members take the flag down, but we were wrong.

The ceremony started right at 4:45PM with the Disneyland Band marching down Main Street towards the flag pole. It is very patriotic and official. Then, the band stands around the flag pole and starts playing all the armed forces hymns.  At the same time a Disney Cast Member asks people in the audience if they have served or are currently serving in the armed forces to stand around the flag pole when they hear their hymn playing. We were waiting for the Marine Corps hymn to start playing and as soon as my son heard the first three notes he said, “Dad, it’s your turn.”

From the far right I saw three Disney Casts Members marching down to the flag pole. The three men were very militant and you could tell they are military veterans. They did a very professional flag ceremony while the band was playing.

It was very emotional for me to have our kids present during the flag ceremony because it was Disneyland saying thank you for our military service. We usually get “thank you for your service” during the big military holidays or when my husband wears his dress uniform, but to have my kids know that Disneyland cares is a big deal for me. I give Disneyland big kudos for doing the flag ceremony and recognizing military members every day.  We will try to attend the flag ceremony every time we visit Disneyland, 

Pros: The flag ceremony is officially executed and the band is very good. It’s a good surprise for a military veteran in your family.

Cons: None

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