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Getting Clean with CLORALEN

This post is sponsored by CLORALEN, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I must admit that I love to clean with bleach because of the fresh clean smell. If you are like me, then you know that if it does not smell like bleach after you clean your bathroom or kitchen then you do not think it’s really clean plus disinfected. If I can clean everything with bleach I would because it makes me feel safe but there are certain areas that you should not use bleach because it is very strong and could hurt the areas. Make sure to find out what areas are safe to use with bleach before you start cleaning and disinfecting by reading the labels. I love cleaning with CLORALEN bleach from Alen Products USA to keep my whole home clean and disinfected, especially the most used areas.

Did you know that you can disinfect and clean your home areas with CLORALEN bleach? I like to disinfect and clean home areas that are used on the regular, like my washing machine, toilet, and bathtub. I also use bleach to disinfect and clean my kitchen, walls, and toys. The power of bleach is a great way to disinfect properly and safely. You can feel safe and secure that your home areas are going to be clean with CLORALEN bleach. I am going to share with you my 3 secrets for cleaning and disinfecting with CLORALENn bleach.

Here are my 3 secrets for disinfecting and cleaning with CLORALEN bleach:

1. Washing Machine: Run your washer’s spin cycle and fill it with water. Add a cup of CLORALEN bleach ad let it run through a complete cycle. The bleach will clean and disinfect the washing machine. I also wipe it down with bleach after the cycle I disinfect and clean the washing machine once a month. Plus, I also wipe down my clothes dryer with bleach once a month.

2. Toilet: I add a cup of Cloralen bleach to the toilet bowl and let it soak for 15 minutes. I then start to scrub the bowl with a toilet brush just to get bleach all over and make sure it disinfects. The bleach cleans and disinfects the bowl before I do a deep cleaning inside and out.

3. Bathtub: I add a cup of Cloralen bleach and one inch of water to the bathtub. I let the bathtub soak for 15 minutes to let the bleach do its work of disinfecting and cleaning. I wipe down the bathtub with more bleach and let the water out. I then do a deep cleaning inside and out.

Disinfecting is needed when cleaning and a lot of times when I clean, I sometimes do not disinfect. I try to disinfect at least once a month. I usually do my disinfecting once a month with Cloralen bleach when I do deep cleaning of my most used areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Cleaning with bleach makes me feel safe and secure that it is disinfecting, especially right now when I want to kill all the germs and viruses. Visit for more information and where you can purchase Cloralen bleach.

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