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Hispanic Heritage Month of Action

In 2016, a record 27.3 million Latinos will be eligible to vote of whom nearly half are Latino millennials. It is these millions of young Latinos who will determine the margin of victory in states like California. In California, Latinos make up 14.99 million, proving our ability to build political power, both nationally and locally, is now more important than ever.

We stand at a transformative time in our country’s history, one in which a generation of American Latino youth is finding their voice and harnessing their power. In 2016, I am proud to partner with Voto Latino, a civic media organization, to engage this generation of emerging throughout Hispanic Heritage Month of Action (HHMA), which from September 15 through October 15. Our partnership seeks to give these emerging leaders the tools they need to be agents of change this election year and in the future.

Now is the time we all join this call to action – all 27.3 million eligible Latino voters – because we can’t afford to sit this election out. We all have a stake and a role in our democracy, and our collective efforts are crucial to pushing our issues, shaping the narrative, and standing with our community.

As we strive toward a country with perfect participation, I urge you all to register to vote.

Already we have seen Latinos registering to vote in record numbers because we understand it is no longer enough to just register ourselves. And those who won’t be at my concert can still use tools like VoterPal, an app that makes voter registration fun and easy. Download the app, scan your driver’s license, and register your friends, and your family too.

The only way we continue to build on our power and create a country that reflects our values is if we all register and if we all show up on November 8. We cannot shape this country for future generations until we exercise our right to vote and hold the leaders we elect accountable beyond the day we elect them.

As a community, we have marched and signed petitions. We understand that our struggles as Latinos are connected. Now it’s time we pledge to fight for what we believe in by registering to vote and participating.

Stay tuned for more from Voto Latino and from me throughout Hispanic Heritage Month of Action. HHMA will be a month long voter registration initiative to celebrate the pride in our culture and the power of our vote.

This is about more than electing a president. It is about us as American Latinos. It’s about coming together collectively to continue building a better country worthy of our ideals. Join me by registering to vote at

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