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One Stop Shop for Dia de Los Muertos at Vallarta Supermarkets

This post is sponsored but all opinions and views are my own.

Day of the dead (Dia de los Muertos) is very special to our family and we celebrate it every year. This year we decided that my daughter was old enough to make the altar all by herself for her grandmother. I knew that we only needed to go to one place to get everything we needed for our ofrenda, Vallarta Supermarkets.

We got our list ready for everything we needed. The most important things on the list were the flowers, candy, and pan. Vallarta Supermarkets have a huge selection of pan dulce. This year they had 3 different flavors of pan de muerto to choose from at the Panaderia. We chose the original flavor and the pink sugar flavor. The next stop was the Dulceria for the candy. It was hard to choose candy for our altar because my daughter wanted to choose all of them.  We chose the coconut candy for grandma’s altar. The third stop was the Floreria to pick out flowers. We picked a beautiful selection of Marigold flowers. We also picked up some wine, peanuts and some small clay bowls to finish up our altar.

Vallarta Supermarkets made our shopping trip hassle free and fun. I was able to teach my daughter about the importance of each item we were buying for the altar and she was able to help pick everything out. Vallarta Supermarkets is a one stop shop for everything you need for Dia de los Muetos. Visit Vallarta Supermarkets for all your festive needs and visit Vallarta Supermarkets Instagram for all the festive photos.

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