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Privacy and keeping track of your healthcare is easy with Healthlock

Everyone’s healthcare journey is different and can be complex at times. My healthcare journey became super complex after I got into a car accident and then got diagnosed with cancer. Having health issues is super complicated already, and then you have to deal with the healthcare system and expenses. I will be dealing with my complicated healthcare for the rest of my life and privacy is one of the most important things to me. I have had to change doctors, hospitals and clinics many times and I know my personal information has been compromised. I also have a ton of medical bills and statements from different health care organizations. It has been hard to keep track of everything.

Keeping track of your medical statements and bills just became easier with the help of HealthLock. HealthLock helps me keep track of my medical bills and helps keep my medical information secure from fraud. It is estimated that up to 80% of medical bills contain errors. The HealthLock Fraud Resolution team works on your behalf with doctors, attorneys, and insurance carriers to help stop additional misuse and restore your health identity information.

It is super easy to sign up with HealthLock. You visit their website and enter your information. You then sync up your medical insurance information and HealthLock will do the rest.

How does HealthLock work?

  • Audit your medical bills and records for free.

  • Monitor your medical information.

  • Get your money back.

  • Protect your privacy.

HealthLock works for you and alerts you when your medical information is being misused or exposed. They work on your behalf with doctors and insurance companies to fix the problem.

HealthLock brings order to the chaos of medical bills. It gives you control of all the complicated healthcare statements. You can have all your family’s medical bills in one place. HealthLock audits your bills to see if you have been overcharged.

HealthLock helps you save because many medical bills have been automated and contain errors. They can even help get your money back if you have been overcharged. HealthLock has helped save people over $100 million.

If you want to save money and control your medical information then HealthLock is for you. Visit to get started for free with the Essentials package and use promo code “SUZY” to save 15% if you decide to upgrade your membership later to Defender.

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