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Rent. Borrow. Return.

I decided to try Rent The Runway because I saw an online ad on a website. I had the Marine Corps ball coming up in less than a month and I needed a dress. I have been going to Marine Corps balls for the past 15 years and I always buy a new ball gown. I never ever wear the dress again. I wanted to try Rent The Runway because of the selection of name brand dresses and prices.

I went on the website and looked through all the dresses that were available in my size on the date that I needed to rent it. The website is very user friendly and easy to use. The thing that I love is that when you click on a dress that you like you can see customer reviews with pictures and sizes. You get to see what the dress looks like on a real person not just a model. That made a real difference in my decision to rent a dress. I hate looking at clothes on a website and wonder if it’s going to fit when I get it. You also get an additional backup size of the dress. What more do you need?

I chose a dark blue Monique Lhuillier Glamorous in Lace Gown. I received the dress the night before my event and the fit was perfect. The dress was a lace material and it didn’t need any pressing. The length was perfect and it didn’t bother me to walk. The best thing about the dress is that it felt very comfortable especially when you have to keep standing up and down. At the Marine Corps ball there is a long ceremony you have to sit through and most of it is standing up and sitting down multiple times. The dress didn’t ride up or bother me.

The next day I put the dress inside the prepaid UPS envelope and dropped it off at a UPS store location. It was so easy to do and worry free.

I loved how easy the whole experience of renting a dress was. I didn’t have to go to numerous stores to try on dresses. I would recommend Rent The Runway to everyone I know.

Pros: You get to borrow a name brand dress for a very low price and get to return it with worry free shipping. An additional backup size of the dress.

Cons: If you don’t like the fit of the dress there is many other options to choose from but you have to be quick and smart about it.

Try Rent The Runway now and get $25 Off New Customer Orders of $75 at Rent the Runway

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