• Suzy

Three Kings Day at Disney

Disney California Adventure has an awesome Three Kings display during the holiday season.  We visited the park the first weekend of January and were able to participate in all the Disney Viva Navidad festivities. It was super educational for my kids because they have heard the story of the Dia de los Reyes but when they actually get to see the images and displays it becomes more real to them . Disney commemorates the day of the three kings with statues and an altar of the wise men and tells the story of  when they followed the star of Bethlehem and presented gifts to baby Jesus.

The celebration also consisted of a Feliz Navidad parade and crafts for the kids to create. I love when corporations embrace cultural traditions and celebrate them for everyone to enjoy.  If you are visiting Disneyland during the holiday season don’t forget to vist the Feliz Navidad celebration.

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