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World Class Cancer Care Close to Home in Orange County

World-Class Cancer Care Close to Home in Orange County

As I did a few years ago, getting a cancer diagnosis is challenging and scary for many reasons. There are so many emotions swirling in your mind, and you must have clarity on who is best suited to provide you with cancer care. At the time, I had no good options here in Orange County, and I had to drive for 1.5 hours to San Diego to get care.

Well, now we do! And it’s super exciting for me to partner witha top-rated facility right here at home in the City of Hope Orange County.

This new Center represents exciting news because Orange County has needed a premier cancer care facility. City of Hope Orange County is building a network of care and a cancer campus of the future right here in Irvine! Now people that want to travel to one of the best cancer research centers can come to Orange County and join us, residents, with the best possible care right in our back yard.

This is super important because the facts around cancer are urgent:

• One-in-three Americans are receiving a cancer diagnosis and are aging, which makes them more at risk.

• More clinical trials are needed because they offer first-time access to new treatments and require frequent visits to the cancer care facility.

• Each cancer is unique, which requires a personalized care therapy that can make a difference in a person’s cancer care journey.

• New technologies can help prevent and predict cancer risk. According to the American Cancer Society, about 42% of cancer cases and 45% of cancer deaths in the United States are due to preventable risk factors.

• Cancer care close to home helps mental health wellness because there is no emotional or financial stress from traveling long distances.

• And let’s face it, here in SoCal, we can all use a lot less driving to help keep our air a bit cleaner, among other benefits!

Have you been looking for cancer care facilities for yourself or a loved one? Leave me a comment here below and be sure to check out the City of Hope Orange County cancer care facility. Get a tour and see for yourself how they are going to change the game for cancer care in our community. More information here:

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